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Emotional Health & Wellbeing

Emotional Health & Wellbeing

Activities and resources to support young people s mental wellbeing.

This exciting resource helps teachers engage young people in stimulating discussion and activities and focuses on the following SEAL areas:

  • Social skills
  • Empathy
  • Motivation
  • Managing feelings
  • Self-awareness.

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Mental Health Handbook for Primary School

Mental Health Handbook for Primary School

Educating children and young people about mental health is of vital importance if we are to challenge the ignorance and stigma related to this area of health.

Many young people will be living in families where an adult member may have mental health problems or indeed may be facing similar problems themselves.

This book provides a comprehensive resource to help teachers deal sensitively with this important area.

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Suggested Reading

Ace Wellbeing's sister company is run by Belinda Heaven. Over many years Belinda has had the opportunity to attend national conferences and access presentations by eminent leaders on the field of mental and emotional wellbeing.

As a consequence of this and in pursuit of gaining more knowledge and expertise she has acquired an extensive library.

Belinda is happy to share the pdflist she has compiled containing specialist publications to enable professionals to work more effectively with people they are supporting.

She has found them to be a very valuable asset and rich source of information for reference to enhance any training delivery. Belinda has developed a number of publications during her time with the healthy school partnership, whilst school nursing and subsequently as an independent trainer and consultant.

The parent leaflet may be downloaded and it is hoped it will signpost and reassure those who use it and that they will find it very helpful.
MHFA Line managers' resource - A practical guide to managing and supporting people with mental health problems in the workplace.
A Whole School Approach to Mental Health
Talking Schools - Autumn / Winter Youth Mental Health First Aid newsletter
My Ways to Wellbeing
Mental Health Diagram
Key Stage 1 Mental Health